Make a list of what you actually need
Writing down everyone you want to buy a gift for can help, and remember it’s the thought that counts so it can be something small. Also include how much you want to spend on each person.
Homemade presents
Know how to sew? Then why not do some knitting. If not, then there are always books to help. Another idea is baking, cupcakes always do the trick and you can decorate it with some edible Christmas decorations.
Have you seen those mini hampers in supermarkets, well instead of buying these you can actually make it yourself. Add some goodies such as chocolate, wine etc and wrap it up and there you have it.
Secret Santa  
Have you heard of this game? This can keep your costs down plus gaining some extra presents. How it works is a group of work colleagues, friends set a budget and pick names at random secretly and buy for the names they have picked. This way you are only buying for one person rather than a group.
So there you have it these are some tips you can use this christmas and you'll be able to save money. Happy Christmas!!