The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi wore ancient Oduduwa crown, “Are” on o Monday to ascend the throne as the 51st Ooni of Ife.

According to history, there are 201 deities in the ancient town of Ile-Ife and all of them must agree to the traditional and spiritual rites before the new Oba could wear the “Are”.

So on Monday, Are was presented to Ogunwusi, at Oke Ora, the spot where Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba race, first wore the crown.

 The event at Oke Ora, a community located between Ife and Osu town, took place around 1pm at Olokuta Hills, when the crown was invoked by Olojudo of Oke Ora, 

“Are Crown is worn once a year and on Monday Ogunwusi finally wore the crown, the only authentic crown undiluted. 

As early as 5 am, the monarch began the rites that would last all day by wearing Seseefun crown, otherwise called Ade Obatala, and began a spot-to- spot observance of rituals across Ife town.

The monarch, who was dressed in white lace material, was accompanied by members of Isoro cult, some Ife traditional high chiefs, and many indigenes of the town.

At Walode compound, Oba Ogunwusi entered an old building and was received by some women where he spent a few minutes before he departed.
When he emerged from the building, a ram was slaughtered and the blood of the animal was sprinkled on the floor.

Also at a junction around Ilode area, series of sacrifices were carried out and the traditionalists told drummers to announce the emergence of the monarch.