The rise of danchall, afro pop music came fast and strong in the Nigerian music scene. It's popularity pushed other music genres far from the lime light and infact forced many artistes out of business. 

Soul music was perhaps the worst affected. Soul singers either went under or switched genres fast!

But perhaps, not anymore.

Darey Art Alade, who is one of Nigeria's notable R&B act told our correspondent, Soul music is coming back. "There is now a re-awakening. Soul is coming back and more and more people are beginning to appreciate the genre once again"

Darey is not far from the truth. His recent single, 'Pray for me'  was a huge success and he is not alone.

Adekunle Gold is now a house hold name after his singles 'Shade' and 'Orente' broke the bank literally. Same with Simi who stole hearts with 'Jamb question'.
Darey calls it a resurrection. "Music fans are getting more matured and broad minded" he says "that's why my love like a movie next year will be one like no other" 

Skeptics however warn that the celebrations do not come too early.  The current momentum must be sustained or all … will be lost.