Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District has enjoined Nigerians to take pictures of incoming ministers that fly first class or move with convoy for media usage.

The senator, who himself is a media professional said he would be obliged to air the activities of such minister on the Silverbird Television and Radio.

Ben-Bruce went ahead to say that the exercise would go a long way in monitoring the minister and of course give Nigerians the leverage to participate actively in governance.

As he put it via his twitter handle, Sen Murray-Bruce says, “If you see ministers abusing power (beat red light, security harassing citizens), send to me. @SilverbirdTV will air it If you see ministers with excessively long convoys, take a pic and send to me. 

@SilverbirdTV will air it”. Lets monitor ministers. If you see them flying 1st Class, take a pic, send to me. @SilverbirdTV will air it. Flying first class, moving in excessively long convoys and abusing the powers attached to their offices.