President Muhammadu Buhari has told his minister-designates that he will not entertain convoy or retinue of aides from them.

He told them during a two-day retreat he had with the incoming ministers in Abuja, adding that the step would go a long way in cutting costs and using the gains to fight poverty in the country.

One of the minister designates (names withheld) told our correspondent that the focus of this administration and of course the incoming cabinet  is to plug leakages and cut costs and in doing so, it has been resolved at the retreat that no minister is expected to have convoy of aides.

“It is a new way of governance now. We shall operate a lean economy because we are going to block areas of leakages, retinue of aides, protocol staff, large convoys of cars are things that will not fly in this administration,” he said.

Speaking on whether the pronouncement will only apply to minister without portfolios, the source said, “This is not about portfolios, it is about how we want to live now as public servant. Gone were the days of impunity and wastefulness.

 Portfolios or n portfolios, it is one single federal executive council. You bring whatever it is on the table. That is not a problem at all. “We have the right to discuss things around the ministries because it is one single cabinet.”
According to the source, the important thing is that the government is ready to move Nigerians from where they are now.

 “They are in abject poverty, which concerns about 75 percent of the populace. “So, we need to actually restructure the political and social moment of the country and that is what we are going to do. That means poverty will reduce.”