Despite efforts by men of the Nigerian Police and Lagos State Government, armed robbery is yet to subside in the metropolis.

Prior to his assumption of office on May 29, the state Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode had pledged to continue where his predecessor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola had stopped, especially in the area of crime fighting but alas the crime rate had increased.

It started with reported cases of bank robbery in Ikorodu and another one in Festac within a spate of one month. At present, robbery in the traffic has returned as motorists express panic while driving on Lagos roads.

Areas such as Oshodi, Mile 2, Okokomaiko are now very dangerous to ply even in broad day light. Hoodlums now have free day to perpetrate nefarious activities.

However, Lagos government had observed the scenario and had promised to procure three helicopters to combat crime.

But to motorists, Lagos is gradually returning to the old bad jungle days. Robbers break winscreen to get access to their victims. They waylay motorists to steal their belongings in broad day light.