It was not only his performance that elevated the fans at Felaberation yester night but his new posture. Healthily looking Majek did his first performance at African Shrine after he left rehabilitation centre in Abuja few weeks ago.

The Reggae star had passed through the ragamuffin time when he was not in control of his life, having suffered effect of hard drugs. 

He was repatriated from the US, begged for food on the streets of Lagos, deserted by some of his friends but fortune smiled at him when he found himself in Abuja Rehab and things began to look up for him again.

No doubt about it, his performance at Felaberation showed that the Rainmaker is back for good. “He has found his voice back and with Jah on the throne, never again will he lose it,” a fan has said.

In a white top and Blublack Jean, Majek took time to dance for a few minutes as the teeming fans waited to hear his voice.

Not at all, the voice was not horrible but resonance of a reggae star. Thank God, so Majek can come back, Oh thank God,” fans echo as they sang “Send down the rain”, one of the greatest hits that made Majekodunmi Fasheke in his old good days.