The remains of matriarch of Awolowo’s family, Mrs. HID Awolowo will be interred  on November 25, 2015, the day she would have been 100 years.

The eldest daughter of the family, Omotola Oyediran disclosed this when former President Goodluck Jonathan paid the family a condolence visit on Wednesday. 

She said “I want to assure you that though some of you have received letters in the past about the centenary in order to write tributes for her. I want to assure you that those tributes will be printed.

“I want to appeal to all of you to be part of celebrating mama, by the grace of God, we haven’t concluded the arrangements but I would let you know that the very day that she was supposed to be 100 years, she would be buried. There will be dancing amid tears at the burial of who I call Iya niwura.

“There is no way you can separate papa from mama and mama from papa, the story is one. It is interesting that papa passed on Saturday, 9th of May, 1987 and mama also passed on Saturday, 19th of September, 2015, we give God all the glory”, she said .

While appreciating the former President, Oyediran said: “I remember many times the former president came to see mama and those times, mama referred to him as her son. We also want to appreciate you and I’m sure you understand. The memory will live with us for many years.

“I really want to appreciate the president and his lovely wife for coming all the way wherever you have been, be it Abuja or Bayelsa to come and see us in Ikenne, it is a show of deep love for the Awolowos, thank you very much”.

Earlier, Jonathan had stated that the death of HID Awolowo forced him and his wife out of their hiding place, saying he had resolved not to go out for one year.

He said; “, Myself and my wife have been hiding; we don’t even go out. We thought we’ll be hiding for at least 12 months. But in this particular case, we cannot hide. So, we have come for the condolence and to encourage our brothers and sisters that we are together. God brought her for all of us. She just had to be the direct mother of few but she was a mother to all. We shall mourn more than even the direct children would.”