United States Government has said that it will not give priority to Nigerian gay that may be applying for US visa.

The US Consular Chief in Nigeria, Will Laidlaw, said this, adding that the embassy will not give special regard to the gay community in Nigeria on visa application.

According to him, US support for gay does not amount to granting special provision for gay people for visa application. “The country has no such arrangement,” he said.

Laidlaw said, “We don’t have any special provision for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community as per the visa application process. The procedure is the same with that of any other person. Though we believe in equal rights for all citizens, including the LGBT community, it is not a plus to anyone seeking to travel to the US.”

The Vice Consul, Amanda Roberson, advised Nigerians to be truthful while applying for the US visa, adding that there is no need for Nigerians to be desperate while seeking to travel to the US and asked applicants to be honest while applying for visa.