‎By Charles Mgbolu

Award winning Nollywood movie maker Lancelot Imasuen has criticised actors in the industry over what he described as 'poor acting'.

Mr Imasuen told our correspondent Charles Mgbolu that today's actor are failing in genuine role interpratations

"I don't know if you met actors like Enebeli Elebuwa or Justus Esiri or the celebrated Sam Loco Efe? These were seasoned actors who knew what interpreting a role means. When you watch them, you wonder if they are even acting.

These were actors! But today, we have actors who come and do recitations and say they are acting. They give very flat interpretations. These are the kind of actors we have these days!" 

Mr Imasuen is marking 20 years in the industry and has called for more training or better talent hunts to seek better actors.