Facebook is breaking out yet another feature into a standalone app.
The social network rolled out Facebook Groups, an app to help users stay in touch with all of their Facebook groups and find new ones.
The app functions as a hub for everything related to groups on Facebook. Upon launching the app, users see a list of the groups they belong to, with the most frequently viewed appearing first.
Though groups already existed within the main Facebook app, they are not featured prominently within the app, unless you get a notification from a group you're a part of. By breaking out the feature into a separate iOS and Android app, the company is hoping to make it easier for power users to engage with their groups.
And, as with Facebook Messenger, the company says a standalone app will make the service faster on mobile — though unlike Messenger, Facebook Groups is optional… for now.
The app also offers recommendations with the "discovery" tab, which surfaces suggestions on new groups to join. Those are based on groups your friends are in, where you live and your interests. For example, if you've liked pages related to snowboarding, the app may recommend groups about the sport.
Shirley Sun, a product manager at Facebook, says the app was designed for those already actively engaged in multiple groups, a rapidly growing demographic for Facebook. During the company's earnings call in October, the company announced it had 700 million users in groups, up from 500 million in January.
“We intentionally want to make it really really simple," Sun told Mashable, noting the company rolled out groups to feature phone users for the first time earlier this year as well. "We want it to be very familiar to the current Facebook experience.”