There's nothing like as bad as nasty divorce and Wiz Khlaifa and Amber Rose are heading towards achieving that at the moment.
In his recently released track, "P***y Overrated" featuring Future, Wiz slammed his ex wife by referring to her as "a motherf***er".
After Amber posted several twerking videos on Instagram and on Vine – some even celebrating her hubby's album reaching #1 on Billboard chart –  the "We Dem Boys" rapper claims that was the worse thing she ever did.
He rapped: "Be on Instagram and on Vine like a mothaf***er"
The weed-striken rap act didn't end there. He added in another verse:
"Oh you must think you a star don’t ya?
Wanna be front seat in my car don’t ya?
Crystal from the bar, don’t ya?
Oh you must think we’ll go far don’t ya?
Oh you must think I’ll fall hard don’t ya?
Don’t you know I play my part, don’t ya?."
If Amber ever responded to her ex beau, she did by posting her version of Kim Kardashian famous 'belfie' on Instagram yesterday with the caption:  "#Thot #Whore #Hoe #Slot #GoldDigger …… #ButDatAssonFleekDoe."
Well, if you ever thought Wiz and Amber will ever remain friends after their divorce, please start thinking again.