A group of Iranians who were arrested on Monday for posting a YouTube video that shows them dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" have seemingly been released by authorities. Details remain unclear, including whether all six of those arrested — three men and three women not wearing hijabs in the video — were released.
Several sources inside Iran posted about the release on Wednesday. Hoda Rostami, an Iranian photographer, posted about it on her Facebook page. Siavash Taravati posted on Facebook that her sister Reihane Taravati, the video's art director, was freed on bail.
Reihane Taravati posted on Instagram on Wednesday with the following caption: "Hi I'm back thank you @pharrell and everyone who cared about us love you all so much and miss you so much."

Several sources say that all have been released except for the director of the video (not the art director of the video, who is mentioned above).