Concerns over another wave of Covid-19 in Europe has prompted the Italian government to blocked UK residents from attending Saturday’s Euro 2020 Ukraine v England match in Rome.

As a result of this development, the Italian government has also asked the European football’s governing body to cancel their tickets.

According to a statement from the renowned football body on Thursday, the Italian authorities had “specifically asked UEFA to cancel tickets sold to UK residents as of 28 June, and this has put a halt to sales and transfers as of 21:00 this evening.”

Other options have been given to those that have purchased tickets. UK residents who bought their tickets before June 28 were given one hour to transfer their tickets to Italian residents or return their tickets to UEFA.

Following a proposal from the Public Safety Department, the Italian Interior Ministry on Thursday disclosed that the block on ticket sales had been decided.

Meanwhile, the effect of the effects of the deadly pandemic has not stopped and the the Euro 2020 Championship has so far been a thriving environment for it.

Victims of the spikes in Covid-19 infections obviously have been fans who came to watch their favourite stars play the round leather game. Unfortunately, most of them have returned home to their various countries, including Scotland and Finland.

More of the concerns have come from World Health Organization, as the global health body given a reminder that Europe risked a new wave in August due to the relaxation of restrictions, the spread of an infectious Covid-19 variant and low vaccination coverage.