Professional boxers Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have been banned from having a face-off at the weigh-in for their rematch in Las Vegas.

According to Sky Sports, this development has come after both boxers had a clash at a press conference on Wednesday.

On the much anticipated fight, Wilder (41-0-1 41KOs) will defend his WBC heavyweight title against Fury (29-0-1 20KOs) on Saturday in a rematch of their controversial draw from 2018.

Concerning the clash that led to the ban, both boxers shoved each other at the final press conference for the fight and were separated by security guards.

Nevada State Athletic Commission has banned the fighters from facing off at Friday’s weigh-in.

According to Evan Korn, media relations director for Tyson Fury’s US promoters Top Rank,”The Commission wants to ensure the fight goes off without a hitch.”

Promoter Bob Arum, who guides Fury’s career in the United States, understands the decision and believes the altercation was damaging for the image of boxing.

Arum speaking to told Sky Sports New said,

“We had a face-off at the press conference and these guys, they don’t want to hurt each other obviously before the fight, but they start pushing each other and they’re not actors,”

“They’re not trained, it can get out of hand and somebody can get hurt.

“Also, it sends a real bad image. When you have a press conference over in the UK and it’s like a football match, do the players push and shove each other? Of course not, they’re sportsmen.’’