Renowned Ivory Coast television presenter, Yves de M’Bella has been given a 12-month suspended sentence for promoting rape during a live broadcast.

M’Bella invited a man described as an ex-rapist to demonstrate on a mannequin how he had assaulted women.

The rape story has triggered a lot of reactions from people in the country especially since he was suspended from TV and radio after widespread outrage.

In reaction to this development Women’s Affairs Minister Nassénéba Touré disclosed that Monday’s broadcast had undermined efforts to eradicate rape.

So far, the court has taken its decision by fining the presenter $3,600 (£2,600) and also banned him from leaving the country’s main city, Abidjan, Reuters quoting an official report.

Meanwhile, for promoting rape, the guest, Kader Traoré, was sentenced to two years in prison and fined $900, also.