President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial has ended in his favour, making him the first impeached president to seek re-election.

Trump who has been found not guilty, went through a trial of impeachment process from the lower house where the speaker Nancy Pelosi made him face the house about four months ago.

The result of the vote by the Senate was in favour of Trump through his fellow Republicans, who voted to acquit him 52-48 on charges of abuse of power and 53-47 on obstruction of Congress.

Democrats charged Mr Trump in December with pressuring Ukraine to smear a potential White House rival.

So far, Trump has made history to be the first impeached president to seek re-election.

Impeachment allows Congress. The part of the US government that writes and brings in laws to put presidents on trial.

What makes the whole event different is that, It is a rare event and a political process, rather than a criminal one.