Full proceedings of the impeachment trial of former President of US, Donald Trump has been allowed to commence.

This development occurred after US Senate revealed that the trial, which they have termed constitutional started after Trump was accused of “inciting insurrection” when Congress was stormed last month.

Meanwhile, the argument about whether the trial is constitutional or not started when Mr Trump’s defence team argued that he could not face trial after leaving the White House.

There whole issue took a different dimension after a 56-44 majority voted in favour of continuing, with a handful of Republicans backing the measure.

In reaction to the decision, thousands gathered in support of false claims that widespread electoral fraud denied Mr Trump victory in the US presidential election.

Part of the reaction was a scene whereby Democrats prosecuting the case opened Tuesday’s proceedings by showing a dramatic video montage of Mr Trump’s 6 January speech and the deadly rioting by some of his supporters.

Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland made comments about the footage. Raskin said, “That’s a high crime and misdemeanor,” “If that’s not an impeachable offence, then there’s no such thing.”