US President Donald Trump has said the US and UK have the “greatest alliance the world has ever known”.

In a news conference with Theresa May, he promised a “phenomenal” trade deal after the UK leaves the European Union, but added that “everything is on the table” – including the NHS.

Mrs May said the scope of trade talks had to be agreed by both countries.

Mr Trump also said he turned down a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, who addressed protesters in Westminster.

The US president is meeting Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage at the US ambassador’s residence, Winfield House.

The Labour leader had proposed talks with Mr Trump, saying he was ready to engage with the US president on issues such as climate change, threats to peace and the refugee crisis.

When asked about Mr Corbyn, the US president said he did “not know him, never met him, never spoke to him”, adding: “He wanted to meet today or tomorrow and I decided I would not do that.”

Mr Trump, who is on day two of his three-day state visit, said Mr Corbyn was a “negative force”.

“I really don’t like critics as much as I like and respect people who get things done,” he said.

As the prime minister and US president paid tribute to the “special relationship”, Mr Trump said there was “tremendous potential” in a trade deal after the UK leaves the EU, suggesting it could double or treble trade.

Asked if the NHS would be included in post-Brexit trade talks, Mr Trump said “everything is on the table”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was among several Conservative leadership candidates hoping to replace Theresa May who said they would not allow the NHS to become part of any trade talks. “Not on my watch,” he tweeted.

Mrs May said any trade agreement would follow talks about “what should or should not be in that trade deal for the future”.

She said the pair had also “openly” discussed their differences, such as on climate change, Iran and China

Source: BBC