American singer, Tremaine Aldon Neverson, well known as Trey Songz has been accused of rape by a woman named Jane Doe who has filed a $20 million lawsuit.

According to CNN, it was revealed in the complaint that the plaintiff “Jane Doe” is said to have “had what could be described as a casual and occasionally sexual relationship with Defendant Trey Songz.”

It was also disclosed in the complaint that their relationship changed in 2016 when Doe claims Songz anally raped her and she required immediate medical care.

In response to the accusation, Songz through his rep, declined to comment when contacted by CNN on Thursday.

It was also stated in the compliant that the alleged incident took place at a house party in West Hills, California.

The complaint states, “On the way up the stairs, Defendant Trey Songz repeatedly asked Plaintiff Jane Doe if Defendant could ‘get that a**’ Plaintiff Jane Doe repeatedly told Defendant Trey Songz NO and to stop asking,’’

“In shock and fearing for her life, Plaintiff Jane Doe did not provide Defendant Trey Songz’s name to the police,” the complaint reads. “The Police attempted to access Jane Doe’s Uber account to find the location of the violent rape, but Plaintiff Jane Doe was too afraid to let them see it. Plaintiff Jane Doe was eventually released by the Medical Center and Police and went home.”