Trevor Noah delivered a predictably scathing attack on Donald Trump's performance in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night.

“All the prostitutes in Vegas must have really loved it because for once, they got to watch other people screw Americans,” said Noah. 

“This was like a bachelorette party except the giant novelty dildo was onstage behind a podium," he added, cutting to a picture of Trump.

Noah also weighed on Hillary, criticising her "for wearing all white after Labor Day!" before clarifying: "She looks fly. I'm messing with her."

But the last hit was saved for the Donald: 

“Donald Trump really doesn’t get why he’s losing this election,” Noah said before playing a clip of Clinton describing Trump's responses to the allegations of sexual assault. 

“Wow, that was power. That was an answer that Trump would really need to reach deep within his dignity to recover from. And he did not.”