American rapper, Travis Scott has returned to center stage with a superb performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

Scott who was introduced by Sean “Diddy” Combs and French Montana, thrilled his fans with a performance of two songs, “Mafia” and “Lost Forever.”

After being away from the stage for a while, due to the tragic Astroworld Festival crowd surge which killed ten people and injured thousands in Houston last November, Scott is making his first major public performance.

The return of Scott has attracted reactions from fans and the executive producer and host of this year’s Billboard Music Awards, who said recently that he felt strongly about having Scott perform at the show.

Going memory lane, the incident started when Scott was performing at Astroworld on Nov. 5 when a packed crowd surged toward the stage. At the end of the day, casualties in thousands were found.

At the moment, investigation continues after the case attracted some lawsuits related to the event which have been filed.