Artist Tracey Emin said her cancer has “disappeared” after she experienced different major surgeries.

Emin, who was exited to share her story, made public the development while speaking to BBC Newsnight.

Interestingly, she reached a “big, big milestone” last week when her three-monthly scans were “all clear”.

Emin, 57, was diagnosed with a “really rapid, really aggressive” bladder cancer last year.

While speaking on programme, she who is known for her straight, confessional art, said, “I’m not painting because I’m using my willpower to stay alive. That’s what I’m doing,”

She also shared her plans concerning her career. She stated that over the coming years she hoped to put her energy back into painting, as well as “being happy, smiling more, just enjoying life”.

“I never realised how much I wanted to live until I thought I was going to die,” she added.

On the process she went through before getting the surgeries done, Emin aid she had her bladder removed, a full hysterectomy, her urethra removed, her lymph nodes removed, “half of my vagina removed”, and part of her intestine removed to stop the spread of the cancer.

Unfortunately, she now has a urostomy bag, which replaces the bladder and urinary system. It is a “major disability” because it needs to be emptied as frequently as every 20 minutes, she said.

“You never know when it’s going to happen,” she said.