Do you know that the Gwari people of Niger State were actually worshiping the Gurara Waterfall?

What makes most of the tourist sites in Nigeria unique is their overtone with the culture of the people who live around these natural haunts.

A visit to Gurara waterfall in Gurara Local Government of Niger State has not only exposed most tourists to the beauty of Nigeria, it has also revealed the sense of history that surrounds this aquatic splendour over the years.

That the waterfall was first discovered in the 17th century by a Gwari hunter will not overshadow the fact that the name GURARA is actually an acronym for two deities, GURA and RARA that later became the gods of the natives of this ancient town.

For Gurara where water falls, the natives actually worshipped the site in the past before it became a beauty for relaxation and income generation.