Day 2 of the Social Media Week Lagos continued today, February 28, at the Landmark event centre, Victoria Island. We're learning a whole lot!

Here's our favorite session from today was hosted by Social Prefect Tours, a Nigerian tourism company and titled  "Social Media and Nigerian Tourism: Bridging The Gap, Telling The Stories." 

Horse Durbar Zaria, Kaduna state. (Photo: Aisha Augie-Kuta)

The speakers on the panel were:
Moderator – Chiamaka Obuekwe – Co-founder of Social Prefect Tours 
Editi Effiong, CEO of Anakle and Northern Nigeria explorer
Lola Daniyan, Travel blogger, Tourguide and CEO Unravelling Nigeria 
Chidi Okereke, Slim trader ltd
Amarachi Ekekwe, Writer and Travel blogger. Owner, Travel with a  pen
Funmilayo Ajala, Journalist and Travel photographer 

The panel.

Tourism is the new cool amongst millennials. Locations can range from touring Nigeria to rest of the World and has become the top priority on their bucket list. 

All the speakers gave amazing contributions to the subject and made it an interesting panel. They all told their travel stories within Nigeria and shared pictures from their trips.  They also proffered solutions to the eminent tourism problems in Nigeria and discussed the way forward. 

-Social media is one of the biggest tools for both promotion and discovery of these tourist sites.

How can our tourism be improved in Nigeria?

– Everyone has a role to play; for starters the government needs to do a little more for the tourism industry.

– If we can all agree to pay a little fee at the gates it can help management fix the places internally.

– The tourist visa process should make it easier for people to visit the country and tour without hassle.

– We need to concentrate on our cities and ancient villages, they will sell itself.

– Let’s focus on our culture, our sites, our dialect, our foodsso that then when we get a Ministers of Tourism that understands that is not just about hotels or beautiful roads, it’ll take us far.

Ogbunike cave, Anambra state, (Photo: Hakeem Salaam) 

-We need to stay in-country and visit other states in Nigeria as it’ll help us understand others Nigerians and their different cultures. It will also inform our talk about each other’s villages.

– When you go to a place, always do reviews so that people will know what to expect and others will learn from it; the review culture will help people choose places better.

Jos, Plateau State (Photo: Aisha Augie-Kuta)

– Give a compelling story because perception sells everything. As storytellers we need to give a narrative that will make people want to go and also tell their story. Eg: The Inyake lake has a myth that if you get into it you'll not come out which makes attractive for curious people.

Final words:

  • Go and get your own experience, let go of the fear and just enjoy it; 
  • Dirty hotels don't make good tourism; 
  • Go to your village!
  • Let’s always tell stories and use technology to help guide people with reviews!

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