Ijeoma Tagbo

Barely two days that the Academic Staff Union of University, ASUU embarked on a week warning strike, has the Federal Government been called to take educational sector serious.

The Convener Professionals For Change Mr. Tony MacAlabi made this call on Thursday on Today On STV, a popular Silverbird Television programme as he condemned the strike action and blamed it on government’s ineptitude.

MacAlabi said, “The government has to take the educational sector more seriously; privatization of universities must be in our focus though it’s a long-term project and is achievable if we set our mind to it.”

According to him, the government will have to activate educational development with serious thinking, planning and monitoring.

Calling on the government to tighten its belt, MacAlabi stated that the current economic situation required short, medium and long-term plan, which of course must be made public to instill confidence in people that the government actually has plans to make things better. 

“The government has to change its strategy, especially in the area of communicating with the citizens and create a laid down plan on the amount of money lodge into infrastructure and development of the nation,” he said.

He expressed dismay with the government’s attitude to some regions, who thought they had been alienated, saying this had led to resurgence of militants in Niger Delta.

 “The government has to be courageous and ensuring that government policy are taken and made, there is no pain without gains, they are long-term benefits waiting for us” he said