Can we just take several moments to appreciate Mr Nigeria? Emmanuel Ikubese is all kinds of hot and we are here to show you the awesomeness that is Emmanuel. Try not to have too many orgasms

Suit well worn.

Another suit thanks you Mr Nigeria.

The people of "Jeans county" could make you mayor.

Okay,maybe the full look will convince you.

Even the traditional attire was given a taste…

Still on the trad issue.

And another one! 

He gives us #TradEnvy everytime!

When the love for Nigeria was above any other…

Yes he loves Nigeria.

He gave us the sunny side of being an "aboki"

When he used his influence to start the project RAW,Respect A Woman.

How can't you crush on someone who speaks up for the downtrodden? 

Happy birthday, Emmanuel. We hope you have an absolutely splendid one.