Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District has taken his sensitization campaign on why Nigerians should embrace “Made In Nigeria Products” beyond his popular ‘Common Sense” show as he is set to unveil “The Shadow Cabinet”.

The eloquent lawmaker spoke via his facebook page, calling on Nigerians to dialogue with him as he joins crops of intellectuals to discuss the most popular and widely accepted vision of the ‘#TheNigeriandream”.

The senator queried what could Nigeria dream be. He said, “What is the Nigerian dream. What is our national vision? What is our collective mission statement as a nation?

According to him, no one seems to know the answers to the questions, adding that the lack of a common vision and mission had since put Nigeria into the present comatose.

As he put it, “If we as a nation do not have a dream or a goal or a mission statement we really cannot aim at anything. And if we do not aim at anything, we will continue to be aimless and keep reacting to the world instead of influencing it.”

He posited that the lack of a Nigerian dream had been a pattern as a nation for so many years.

To end this aimlessness and retrogression, the senator said there is need to have a Nigerian dream. “A vision of where we want a nation to be and what we as individuals want from our nation,’

In his view, Ben Bruce proposed that a Nigerian dream should be a nation of equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of religions, ethnicity and a nation where the son of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody.

“Such a Nigeria is possible but for this to work, we must all buy into this dream. So I propose this, if you agree with this vision let us meet on my twitter and facebook platforms to discuss it with “#The Nigeriadream. Even if you disagree, give your own idea of Nigeria dream. My team and I will comply the most popular and widely accepted vision of the Nigeria dream, which will be discussed on my new show the Shadow Cabinet. Coming up in the second quarter of 2017,” he said.