Today, the International Mother Language Day has been set aside to promote multilingualism and awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Every February 21, International Mother Language Day is celebrated across the globe.

Since we have so many languages In Nigeria, Africa and across the globe, the day encourages nations to give importance to their mother language along with different dialects to preserve their cultural identity.

Going memory lane on Mother International Mother Language Day, UNESCO has been observing the day for about 20 years with the main objective of preserving linguistic diversity and promoting the dissemination of mother tongues and cultural traditions across the globe.

The idea of learning on a daily basis as humans cannot be ruled out of our daily routine. This is why some people say, ‘’the day you stop learning, you start dying.’’

Today has been chosen, to motivate everyone to keep up knowledge of their mother language while learning and using more than one dialect to make the learning procedure easier and safeguarding their cultural identity.

On Mother Language Day, both open and private associations hold distinctive activities including courses, seminars, and cultural events to feature the significance of cultural and linguistic diversity.

Languages, with their intricate ramifications for identity, social combination, communication, education, and advancement, are of vital significance for people and planet. However, because of globalization processes, languages are under danger or vanishing altogether. When languages disappear, so does the world’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

Another essence why this day has to be observed is that, result from a recent finding disclosed that, around 43% of the estimated 6000 dialects spoken on the planet are endangered. Just a few hundred languages have been given someplace in today’s education systems, and less than a hundred are utilized in the digital world.