The most anticipated fashion and photo event, tagged: TeewhyImages Fashion Photo Walk has taken place in Lagos.

According to the brain behind the idea, Professional photographer, Tayo Akindele also known as known TeewhyImages disclosed the real essence of the idea on  “Page 3”, a Silverbird Television fashion show.

Apart from the conventional art of Photo walk which involves working around with the camera with a group of people; Teewhyimages has come with something different and unique.

Interestingly, TeewhyImages has brought a different dimension to photo walking. (not the cameras and people taking pictures).

The Teewhy Fashion Photo Walk has been confirmed to have stylists and make-up artists involved, with display of dramatic and creative gestures from models while photographers take photos.

In the views of participants at the event,  a model, Tofunmi said there is a need for models to be respected because she believes people earn from the job, stressing that it should be seen as a profession.

A beauty expert Munachi Beauty also shared her views about the event. She said it has to be dramatic and not the normal nude modelling that people see. She also stated that the dramatic aspect is what she is concerned about.

Speaking further, she disclosed that it is about bringing people together to connect and bring out creativity from people.

Fashion stylist I.V.O.U also reacted to all what she witnessed during the event. In her view, she believes in creating timeless and unique pieces, as she believes every outfit tells a story.

In the view of TeewhyImages, the photo walk event also creates opportunity for people to connect and learning from one another and work together, while another photographer, Eniafelomo said, for him, the whole idea is about arts and creativity.

Look below for the video