Despite the influence the fashion industry has acquired globally, it has stopped at nothing to be extremely creative.

Recently, the has been lots of improvement and development in the creative aspect of fashion, which has in turn attracted more people to delve into the lucrative business.

Fashion designer Liz John Black is a perfect example of a fashion expert that has immense knowledge of the creativity in fashion, and has explored them massively.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ‘’Today On STV’’, the fashion expert said she taught herself how to sow and design wears.

The visual artist also stated that her fashion journey started from her intention to solve a problem she had some years back.

Speaking further, the fashion entrepreneur revealed that, she used her creative skills to solve the problem of increased foreign exchange, which was affecting her business, thereby making her run at a loss.

Specifically, Liz John Black, also known as Elizabeth said, she did not allow the situation to affect her business, but decided to utilize her creative fashion skills, by producing and sewing the outfits herself in Nigeria.

Elizabeth who is also married to a man in the movie industry said, has been in the fashion industry for five years, and employed five staff currently working for her at the moment.

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