Lagos-based lawyer, Malcom Omirhobo, who appeared in the court in an herbalist attire on Thursday, has tagged Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad the most corrupt judicial officer ever, after his resignation from office.

Omoirhobo while speaking as a guest on the show, ‘’Real Talk With Kike’’ on Tuesday, reacted to Muhammad’s resignation; stressing that he came in through corruption and went out of office through corruption.

He stated further that all Muhammad did was hypocrisy; with much emphasis on corruption and funding, in the last perennial judicial judges conference, in which the budget of the judiciary was increased for him and his family, not for other justices.

The human rights activist also made comments on the current situation in Nigeria.  “ We can’t see beyond our nose, we don’t know what will happen in the future, we are so confused right now, we are heading towards the rock. For me, we need a referendum, we need to sit down together and renegotiate our being together. Its not mandatory, but for me I love Nigeria, I’m a one Nigeria person, I want us to be together. There is so much gain in terms of the strength we have, the number…people say Lord Lugard made a mistake when he amalgamated Nigeria, me I say no! it’s a blessing we have not realized,’’ he said.

Omoirhobo, prompted a mild drama at the Supreme Court in Abuja, after dressing to court in a manner which he claimed was his fundamental human rights to do so, following the judgment of the Supreme Court that allowed all Nigerians to express their way of worship and the use of hijab in schools and public places.

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