Nigerian singer, Tobechukwu Okoh well known better known as Peruzzi, o Thursday revealed that one crazy thing one can ever do is taking one’s personal problems to social media.

Peruzzi who made comments about the way go about their issues on the internet made his submission on his Instagram stories.

The talented also advised people who have one or two issues to settle, to do it privately, instead it out on social media.

In his words, “How y ‘all take your personal problems to the internet is the craziest thing ever madness! 50% will laugh at you, 10% will support you only online, 40% no send your papa,”

“You got options… Text the person, call if they never block your papa, Take time, cool-off, fast and pray if na you f**k up. Just get the f**k jeje… It’s none of social media’s business!”

Peruzzi’s advice to such people has come at a time that many Nigerian celebrities are having misunderstanding with either their wives or husbands, which has been spilled to social media platforms.