Supernatural fans at Comic-Con got the first look at Dean Winchester in full demon action during a panel for the show Sunday morning. And it was awesome.
So awesome, in fact, that it was exclusively for the thousands in attendance. (The Con does not allow filming in the panels, and networks tend to not release what's shown.) But in the sneak peek, introduced by star Jensen Ackles, who directed episode 3, Dean is seen tied up, asking Sam tauntingly, "which one of us is really a monster?"
A voiceover then continues as Sam walks cautiously through the halls of the Men of Letters bunker, looking for Dean. Sam turns a corner, wielding his knife in a position that would allow a quick strike if necessary, but sees nothing. Less than a second after he seems safe, Dean appears from the other side and tries to strike Sam's head with an ax.
"This season will find the boys questioning who the real monster is," executive producer Jeremy Carver said. "It's very moving and emotional."
At the end of last season, after being killed in a confrontation with evil Angel Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), Dean was revealed in the final minute of the season finale to have been turned into a demon. Season 10 will pick up a few months later, with Demon Dean in full form and racking up quite the body count. Just last week, Ackles said, he filmed scenes that included two killings and one beating. "At some point, Crowley's (Mark Sheppard) going to be like, 'This was a bad, bad idea,'" Ackles said.
Carver also teased this year's 200th episode, which he described as "musical-ish." "Beyond the songs, it's very much what we consider to be a love letter to the fans," he said.
Supernatural is heading into its 10th season, which premieres Oct. 7.