Renowned Superman movie is ready to have a black actor in the lead role and a black director and scriptwriter in the crew for the first time.
According to Daily Mail, since the confirmation of the all black affair, there have been no announcements concerning the black star actor and director that will feature in the movie.

Meanwhile,  Ta-Nehisi Coates will be the scriptwriter for the Black superman movie. He will always be remembered for expanding the world of Wakanda for Marvel comics. Coates is expected to turn in the script to Warner Bros production house, by December.

On black actors in movie roles, in the 2009 Series Final Crisis 7 of the Superman DC Comics, a black superman was introduced as a character called Calvin Ellis, who was said to have come from another universe.

That character was from a universe called “Earth 23” where his civilian identity was the president of the United States.

According to the comic book writer, Grant Morrison, the character was inspired by Barack Obama.