In as much as fashion means lot to women, especially in the contemporary age, the latest trend in fashion is what makes the difference. To look fabulous with an amazing street style, these tips will definitely make you outstanding.

Sunglasses : with sunglasses, most ladies look beautiful and adorable because it brings out that catchy facial look for everyone to admire.


Statement Jewelry: the beauty of a lady is never complete without statement jewelry because it depicts an epitome of her beauty and adoring her neck all day.


Basic White Tee :the basic white tee any time any day will always reflect the true meaning of white apparel having a fashionable look on ladies.


Statement Tees: the they are awesome conversation pieces that will soothe the fashion yearnings of ladies any moment.

Berets: most ladies may not know how beautiful they could be until they take the bold step to put on a berets. Berets have its own fashion signature on the heads of ladies.

Slip Dresses: some ladies have actually gotten relief from fashion complications from the day they choose to put on slip dress. It will bring a lot of relief from the outlook if properly worn.

Micro Mini Bags: even though the bags are called mini, the use and what it does is beyond the size. The aesthetics that come from its appearance when used really appeal to people.

Biker Shorts: the beauty attached to the biker shorts cannot be taken away, but seen from the fashion ease it brings to ladies when they put it on. The young and adoring look is also noticed.

Silk Scarf: the silk scarf is usually tied around the neck to give that fabulous street style look for contemporary fashion.

Statement Sneakers: as the name implies, the statement sneakers leaves fashionable statements on the lips of fashion enthusiasts as their eyes beholds its beauty.

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