With the infusion of entertainment and other fun activities in recent times, walk out seems to have made fitness effortlessly part of our lives.

At a Stay Healthy campaign, popular Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, Organizers and others, speak more on the need to stay healthy, while also making the activities as fun as possible, Entertainment Weekly reports.

“Some people have to be constantly reminded about their health. Most people put their health secondary to anything else, they’d rather think about the cars, house clothes, party, trips, than their health, the medical check-up,’

‘’So this to remind the that your body is what you make of it, your health is in your hands.” said Henshaw.

On Air Personality at Rhythm FM Lagos, Arthur Ngwube also shared his thoughts about the fitness activity.

“Everybody who knows me, they know I’m an heath enthusiast and I am always pro good living, pro good life, pro health. And this is one of the things that we’ve always wanted to do, we wanted to bring people together, after the whole covid thing has settled down a little bit and let people know that its ok to come outside and work out again and what better way, what better place to utilize the Falomo Square to bring people out, to sweat it all out.” said Arthur.

The monthly event took place in Ikoyi Lagos.