Sports footwear giant, Adidas will be providing a new ball for the last three games of the Euro 2020 tournament.

Finale The balls will be used for just for the semi-finals and final, which will all be played at Wembley.

Creativity and aesthetics will be looked out for as organizers will be ensuring that the ball stands out on the field. To achieve this, some details have been added to the Euro 2020 ball to celebrate the location and the importance of the final three matches in the tournament.

Some of the little but appealing features include watermark details of Wembley Stadium, as well as an extra white print for a light appearance.

There will be a match of the iconic London symbols and traditional colours, against a dark background representing the London sky at night. Still maintaining the essence of beauty, the features are contrasted with signal green, red, cyan and pink brushstrokes.

Considering Wembley as an interesting venue, all of these changes will definitely match with the sweet look under the lights in the stadium.