The founder and chief executive of Japanese online retailer Rakuten Group Inc. Hiroshi Mikitani has called the Tokyo Olympics a “suicide mission.”

The renowned billionaire made this statement during an interview with a CNN staff.

Mikitani who shared his view about the Tokyo Olympics once disclosed that the sporting event which is due to start in two months should not be held this year.

Although, before this development, Mikitani has been a critic of the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, CNN reports.

Meanwhile, the argument about hosting the sporting event became a topic of discussion after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga reiterated on Friday that it was possible to hold the games safely.

According to CNN, Mikitani while making comments in the interview said, “The fact that we are so late for the vaccination, it’s really dangerous to host the big international event,”

“This is like a suicide mission,” he added.