The possibility of cancelling the Tokyo Olympics has increased due to the surge in the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to a senior Japanese politician, there are concerns about the Games which was already postponed with less than 100 days to go.

The concerns around the deadly virus has triggered the comments of Toshihiro Nikai, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s number two.

While speaking on Thursday, he said the Olympics must be cancelled “without hesitation” if the virus situation is too severe.

Other activities around the development is that the 2020 Olympic Games remain beset by pandemic problems, with parts of the torch relay forced behind closed doors and public support consistently low, a year after their historic postponement.

Meanwhile, Nikai said all options were on the table, organisers and Olympic officials insist the Games will go ahead safely.

“We need to make a decision depending on the situation at the time,” he told TBS television network. “We need to cancel it without hesitation if they’re no longer possible.”

Nikai, when asked if he considered cancellation an option, he said, “Yes of course.”

“If the infection spreads because of the Olympics, I don’t know what the Olympics is for.”

He also revealed that he sees the Games as an “opportunity”, and it was “important for Japan to foster excitement with support from the public”.

“We definitely want to make a success. In order to do so, there are various issues to solve. It’s important to solve them one by one.”