Chelsea moved into the Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday after defeating FC Porto.

According to Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel, the win was a “great achievement” for the  Blues because it  has taken them to the last four of the Champions League.

Tuchel, whose side secured a place into the semi-finals of the Champions League, is happy because it is a feat that was achieved for the first time since 2014.

On the next opponent for the Blues, Chelsea will play either Liverpool or Real Madrid for a place in the final after a 2-1 aggregate win over Porto.

On Tuchel’s feat after arriving Stamford Bridge in January, he has guided them to the top four, the FA Cup semi-finals and now into a Champions League semi-final, despite Chelsea being in the ninth in the Premier League, when he came.

Tuchel has made comments concerning this development. He said, “In general I like not to play against teams from your same league in the Champions League as it gives more of a feeling of a European competition but that is the only thing,”

“The Liverpool tie is far from over but I will watch it for sure.

“It is a pleasure to watch it as a semi-finalist, which is a great achievement. We will watch these games and everything is possible. Liverpool are very strong at home so we take what we get. It is a good situation for us.”