Nigerian-New Zealand mixed martial artist, Israel Adesanya has been handed a medical suspension for six months.

Adesanya suffered the first defeat of his professional career on Saturday night to Jan Blachowicz in Las Vegas.

The reason for 31-year-old sportsman suspension can be tied to the fact that the talented Adeasanya sustained injuries against Blachowicz.

Sources have disclosed that it may take as long as September before he is cleared to fight again.

On the state of his health so far, X-rays have been carried out on his left foot and ankle to determine the level of damage sustained before knowing when he will return.

After losing the fight to Blachowicz, Adesanya’s coach, Eugene Bareman, has made comments. Bareman has refused to make any excuses for the 31-year-old after his bid to become a two-weight champion was brought to an abrupt end at UFC 259 by Blachowicz.

Bareman said, “There are no excuses here. This is the thing, man, when you lose, it doesn’t happen in this sport nowadays, but sometimes you just lose and you just have to take it.

“And we are as a team internalising it, and we’re being humble about it and taking it like a loss, like you should do.

“It doesn’t happen enough in this sport. People kind of refuse to accept a loss, but we’re accepting it we’re looking to take what we can out of it.”