Romanian football referee, Sebastian Coltescu has been suspended for “inappropriate behaviour during a UEFA match”

This development was disclosed by UEFA said in a statement on Monday. The match in which he was suspended was played last December between Turkish club Basaksehir and France’s Paris St Germain (PSG).

After the suspension, Coltescu will has been mandated to “attend an educational programme before 30 June 2021”.

Coltescu’s suspension will take place until the end of the current season.

So far, proceedings have been launched by the European football council in February against Sebastian Coltescu after Basaksehir claimed he used a racial slur to identify Pierre Achille Webo, their assistant manager, during a match against (PSG).

In confirmation of the racism accusation, Mebo, a former Cameroon international, said Coltescu had disrespected him by referring to him as “the Black one”.