Porto defender Nanu has sustained a spinal cord injury, after a sickening collision with an opposition goalkeeper on Thursday.

The club disclosed that Nanu was left with a concussion after the colliding with the goalkeeper.

According to CNN, the incident occurred in the 85th minute of the Portuguese top-flight match against Belenenses as Porto searched for a late winner with the scores tied at 0-0.

Before the incident occurred Nanu was chasing a cross into the box.

The defender, who was accidentally wiped out by onrushing goalkeeper Stanislav Kritsyuk, fell to the ground with players instantly calling for medical assistance.

Play was stopped for more than 10 minutes whilst Nanu was tended to by medics before being carried off the pitch in an ambulance.

Later on Thursday, Porto confirmed the 26-year-old was in a stable condition.

So Far, the club has made made public the situation in a tweet: “Nanu had a concussion of the brain and spinal cord injury with loss of memory,” “At present, he is stable, conscious and aware of time and his surroundings.”

After Nanu lay momentarily motionless on the ground, players from both teams became visibly distressed after the incident.