Former Watford player Adebayo Akinfenwa has disclosed his ordeal with racists in Lithuania.

Akinfenwa, while speaking to Sky Sports said he accepted his Lithuanian football offer with both hands even though his career stood at a crossroads in 2001, after he was released.

His decision was taken as a result of lack of interest from clubs in England. This gave him an opportunity to move to Lithuania,

In the midst of all these development the core aspect of his career was the overt, explicit racist abuse and hostility his experienced.

His racism experience completely blindsided the teenager straight out of multicultural London.

Akinfenwa who expressed his feelings, powerfully recalls his ordeal in Lithuania, how he came out the other side and how it shaped him into the person he is today…

In his words,  I’d just been released from Watford and my agent at the time was married to a Lithuanian woman.

The president of a club in Lithuania – FK Atlantas – came to watch one of my games at Watford. After I got released, he approached my agent.

It was sold to me that they played UEFA Cup football, but I’d never even heard of the country of Lithuania.

When you’re young, you’re fearless, I didn’t take into account that I didn’t speak the language, that I didn’t like the food, or the colour of my skin – I just wanted to play football.

This situation in Lithuania came about when I was 17, 18.