Wycombe Wanderers striker Adebayo Akinfenwa’s racism claims is being investigated by the Football Association.

Evening Standard reports that, Akinfenwa is claiming to have been racially abused during the second leg of the League One play-off semi-final.

On the actual words that were used, the former AFC Wimbledon forward released a statement on Wednesday stating that he had been called a ‘fat water buffalo’ by a representative of Fleetwood Town.

Akinfenwa’s claim was written in a tweet as he tweeted:

“Following the conclusion of the game I learned that a representative of the opposition had repeatedly referred to me as a Fat ‘Water Buffalo’ in a derogatory tone,”

“Regardless of whether or not there was deliberate racial intent by using that language and irrespective of the context in which it was used, if we are to make real and long standing change then we must strive to educate each other about these issues. We must work together to ensure those who have not and do not face racial prejudice understand that what may appear to them to be a throwaway remark can have such a big and hurtful impact.

“A Water Buffalo is a dark animal and as a black man I believe that you have dehumanised me by associating me with a dark animal as this was said in a derogatory manner.”