Tottenham Spurs coach Jose Mourinho said Spurs’ win against Everton was a beautiful one.

This development occurred after the Lilywhites claimed a narrow victory over the Toffees on Monday night.

Two Spurs players, Hugo Lloris and Heung-min brought a lot of talkig points in the win against Everton.

Their actions on the pitch made Jose Mourinho to share his comments after the interesting match.

Mourinho said:

“It was beautiful. It was probably as a consequence of our meeting, so if you want to blame somebody for that, it’s me because I was critical of my boys because they are not critical enough of themselves, with each other. I asked them to be more demanding, I asked them to demand more from others, I asked them to put first the colleagues and that pressure of that team spirit that you have to give everything for everybody.

“It was a situation at the end of the first half where an amazing kid that everybody loves like Sonny, a team boy, in that situation the captain [Lloris] thought in the last minute of the first half you need to do more for the team, you have to give a different effort than you gave.

“[There were] a couple of bad words, I don’t know if there was any push or not. But I think it is something very important for the team to grow up because for a team to grow up, you need to demand from each other and be strong personalities, and I was really pleased. At half time I told them ‘when you have this reaction I have no doubts in the second half you are going to stick together’.”