Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk said the Reds don’t want to win the Premier League without fans in attendance amid the fast spreading coronavirus.

Reports from 90 Min reveal that Van Dijk has admitted that he look forward to celebrating with the supporters regardless of the circumstances.

With English football postponed until at least April 3, the spread of coronavirus has questioned the Reds’ title prospects

Considering  the points they are to get, they will have to wait to get points they need to secure their maiden title.

With the prospect of the season being voided a possibility; there remains doubt over whether they will get to do so at all.

If and when the season does resume, however, there remains a strong possibility it will do so behind closed doors, meaning ​Liverpool’s inevitable title win may well come with no fans in attendance. That’s an eventuality

The 28 years old knowing all of the implications of the new laws, tried to raise concerns on how to avoid them, as he admits he’d be ‘gutted’ for the fans to miss out.

​As quoted by BBC Van Dijk  said, “No one wants to play games without the fans,”

“If we won it in an empty stadium and the fans weren’t there, I’d be gutted for them. Obviously, if there are no fans at Anfield, then it will be a bit of a blow.

“Until a decision is made on how we go on from here, then we just have to deal with it. But when it happens, we are still bringing the title to our fans, definitely.”