The remains of former Flying Eagles star Isaac Promise has been laid to rest, without any official from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) in attendance at the burial, in Imo State.

According to a reliable source, the former Flying Eagles captain reportedly died of a heart attack on October 2, 2019, in America.

On the development that no member of the NFF came for the burial ceremony, it was also reported that an invitation was sent to the football body from Promise’s family, which they finally turned down.

Confirming the report, the member of the olympic silver medallist family, it was revealed that the invitation was sent in December.

In his words concerning the situation, the family member said, “Imagine a former captain of Nigeria and there were no NFF representatives among the audience and not even a former teammate.

“This is another lesson for footballers, you are only important when you are actively involved in the game because no one cares after your career is over.”

As for concerned Nigerians, condolence messages were sent on Twitter, to sympathise with the Umudim, Ohekelem native of Imo State.