Tottenham Hotspurs football club are back to winning ways after beating Brighton 2-1 on Boxing Day.

Spurs’ Harry kane and Dele Alli showed class in the highly competitive match, crowning their efforts, and that of the entire team with one goal each.

After losing their last match Chelsea, Tottenham displayed resilience in a dramatic comeback, after Brighton’s Webster struck with a goal, in the 37th minute of the match.

In the course of the match, Spurs, contained the pressure from the die-hard Brighton boys, and the result reflected when Harry Kane levelled the score with a magnificient goal for Tottenham, in the 53rd minute.

With a consciousness to win the match and earn three points, Dele Alli increased the goal tally to two, putting Spurs ahead in the 72nd minute.

Harry Kane’s goal was ruled out for offside in the 24th minute.

As Jose Mourinho’s side returned to winning ways, Tottenham Hotspurs are now sitting on the fifth position of the premier league table